Wednesday, November 26, 2008

all in a day's work

A shrew's, the smallest mammal, heart beats at one thousand beats per minute.
An elephant's, I think the second largest mammal, beats at thirty beats per minutes.
I love shrews and elephants. But I love baby more.
Baby's heart beats at one hundred and fifty beats per minute as of yesterday.

In four weeks from yesterday, December 23rd, I'll see baby again in my next ultrasound, where I will see if baby is a boy or a girl. A Nathan or a Charlotte?

Today's work is baking sweet potatoes (with bacon and cheese instead of a sweet topping) and cleaning out from under the bed. Andy can't stand things to be under there, and I don't put things under there unless we have surprise visitors. And then, of course, I forget about it and it stays under there for months. So I promised him I would take care of it today...
But now I'm going to take a nap. It's 10:30 and that's the perfect time to take a nap when you have a day off from work. And then, another one at 3pm is also nice. This morning's work was going through a big bin of fabric scraps that my mom left me. She left it for me to go through and then return, but I'm thinking I may keep it. I found so many sets that could be cute pieced pillows or one huge crazy quilt. So after I clean under the bed, and after I take my first nap, and after I stick the potatoes in the oven, out comes the sewing machine.
I love being at home.

Monday, November 24, 2008

getting fatter every day

My mom and sister spoiled me by buying me tons of maternity clothes, which I needed because my lower abdomen magically expanded in my sleep. Just two weeks ago I could still wear my jeans, and then last week I couldn't button them, and now I can't wear them at all. People notice that my ice-cream belly is bigger, but that is because my baby belly is popping out underneath it.

Mom and I also bought some cute fabric for the baby room. All in all the fabric and the bigger belly made me feel like the baby is really coming. OK, I just slept three hours and it is only 8:30 and I need to go back to sleep. Cheese Whiz, baby making is hard work!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm not feeling so hot. I feel funny during the day and then sick at night. I go to bed at nine and wake up naturally at five thirty. I'm an old woman!

And I stopped watching Ugly Betty. It's not as funny as it was -- Samantha Who? is much better, I think.

This past weekend Andy and I spend exactly 24 hours in Dallas to watch my brother's boxing match -- the firemen vs. the police officers. The judges gave the match to the other guy, but my brother did very well (esp since he's new at this and the other guy ((we went to middle school with him)) has been boxing since middle school) and totally took his opponent down in the first round. He looked pretty scary out there and we were all very proud of him. Also during that night, his son and my nephew, Max, barfed down both of my arms and in my mouth. Yeah. my mouth.
And the poor kid was hungry and exhausted and couldn't fall asleep in the loud arena. It really made me excited about May, let me tell you. But I loved having time with my family.

baby pics