Friday, December 22, 2006


So we both graduated. And I never have to set foot in the Museum again. I'm so so happy.

I'm not reading the John Irving book yet because I'm in the middle of a good, but predictable, series by Orson Scott Card about Alvin Maker.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

rays of sunshine

Ray LaMontagne, that's him on the right, has become one of my new favorite singers because of his folk and blues inspired lyrics and his extremely soulful voice.

NPR live concert:

His myspace page:

Another ray is that I only have one paper left. Now, it's 20 pages and I haven't started it and it is due by tomorrow at 4pm, but I'm holding on to the fact that I have only one more left. Just one more night without sleep and one more day getting sick from the stress. Then it'll all be gone; I'm kissing school goodbye. And like Ray's songs, that's beautiful music to my ears.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


"This too shall pass; now would be good."

Sunday, December 10, 2006

a little number and tree time

I've been listening to a song over and over: "Perfectly Fitted" by Waterdeep. Some of the lyrics: "Come to me, for I am gentle. You weary souls will find rest, for I am perfectly fitted to your curves... My yoke is easy; My burden is light." It has reminded me that my life really has been much easier (more peaceful, more content, more secure) once dedicating it to Christ and it becomes easier when I try to remember and live true to that decision day to day. The song also comforted me by reminding me that God made me who I am. I'm not defective. I often feel like I'm too much for people and it makes me nervous and shy. But God made me blunt and outspoken and I think that as long as I use that characteristic to love others I am the person He created -- the person He wanted and choose to create. My curves are different than yours, but He is still a perfect fit for all of us. It's a good song.

I'm wrapping up my job and wishing that I had honored Christ more in my work. I think I wasted too much time and didn't control my emotions around my boss often enough. I'm not capable of loving everyone, but I should've been serious about asking God to love them through me. I asked a couple of times, but I also wallowed in my dislike. We're having the Christmas work party Tuesday morning, so please pray that I won't hurt anyone's feelings. Basically, no one had better ask me if I'll miss my job, because then I'll have to say "No." and they'll ask why and then I'll have to be vague.

One more week of school. I'm not so stressed about it -- which is actually a bad thing, because I'm having a hard time making myself work. Andy's overzealous Physics prof is giving a comprehensive exam over 16 chapters. I pity Andy, but he is Suma Cum Laude, so you can't pity him too much, you know? We have our gowns and I bought new black shoes, but I can't figure out how to wear the master's hood. A few people from each side (his and mine) are coming and we're excited that they'll be here to celebrate with us.

A lot of new exciting things to look forward to. New school, new job, new church, new restaurants, new home... and eventually a new pup! Yes, the time has almost arrived to search for that beloved pup that will be Daphne's playmate. We're looking for a flashy brindle male boxer who has large -- 80lb.+ -- parents. So if you hear of a litter, let me know! We're trying again to find a home next Tuesday, Dec. 19, and stopping on the way to have dinner with Andy's paternal grandmother (she a Rotary governor!), which is great because we don't see her very often and she has a ChowChow who likes to play with Daphne.

I've decided to print out a pic of our Christmas tree from last year and tape it on the wall above the presents I'm going to wrap this week. I think it'll be funny. Here's our pretty tree and my (I love this thing!) nativity.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I'm sorry I haven't blogged lately. And I'm not going to until I'm finished with everything. I don't know if work or school is more frustrating and difficult this week, but the combo is working together to kill me, I'm sure. We've had elementary school tours all week and my boss has been popping in my office more than usually lately. I have billions of pages still due. billions. waa.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Andy said my last post was mean. I'm sorry that I can be so mean sometimes. I wish I weren't, but at least I've got pretty much got the honest thing down. I should bite my tongue more often.

"Stranger than Fiction" is a great movie, go see it!

I wish I were Damien Rice's or Fernando Ortega's or Josh Groban's back-up singer.

I'm thinking of quitting school... with only a week left. I'm having writer's block or something else weird with my brain (perhaps it is leaking again, I should really get that checked out... I did get a Qtip stuck in my ear yesterday) and I have about sixty pages that should've been finished about a week ago.

Andy and I are normally busy and stressed. Last night we had fun though... we went to the Chinese buffet that we'll never visit again b/c a cockroach walked across the table... we laughed... then after the movie we raced to the truck. You should try it, it's more fun that you could possibly imagine. Then we made fun of each other's laugh. I really like my husband, you know.

I have a John Irving book ready to read - "A Widow for One Year" I'll tell you about it when I get to start, which will be after these papers are complete. Irving is my favorite American author, I think. Or at least so far. For some reason I've read a lot more Brit Lit than American.

That's all.