Tuesday, January 05, 2010

August? really?

I can believe that I haven't posted since August... but I wish I couldn't. Being a momma and trying to finish everyone's crafty Christmas presents (I didn't, though) took their toll on the ol' blog.
Here's what I've been doing in the past month as I can't account for the others.
Cupcakes! And not just any cupcakes. Chocolate-orange ones made from a recipe that I created, all by my big girl self.
And the best of my crafty Christmas? Spaceboy and Robot from the wonderful Wee Wonderfuls pattern.
Pics of Space Robot 5 (Andy named him) coming soon so watch for him because he is the better half.

here's Robo in the works:

and making A LOT of granola for gifts:

and lastly (b/c buddy just woke up), getting stuck in the Tulsa snow.

I bet if we hadn't driven through the blizzard, you wouldn't be able to see my car. Here's Andy's sz 16 Sasquatch foot to show depth.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

fence, menus, eggs, and tubbins

We were supposed to get a fence this weekend, but it is delayed again. I'm highly annoyed because I prepared a fantastic menu for the workers (Andy, his grandpa, and his grandpa's tenant who owes some back rent) and was going to venture out to the local food store (as in, the store here that sells only local foods) for a roast, a couple of watermelons, and a whole lot of eggs and veggies.

As I said on facebook earlier today, I am going to get a few chickens. You should visit this website if you'd like a laugh and while there check out the Eglus, a plastic coop for your pet chicken. It's very funny. I'm psyched though because I've always wanted chickens and I have the full support of my family (my dad said I should buy them so he could tell me it was the worst idea I've ever had) AND I need eggs, lots of them, for our new work-week vegetarian lifestyle (meaning, we only eat a little meat on the weekends because I don't want to go without BBQ). I already signed Andy up for building me a coop, and I have my trusty "Country Wisdom and Know-How" book to give guidance. Here is a picture of my future-beloved Easter Egger chicks. I am taking suggestions for names.

So, our new veggie diet is going pretty well but I'm running out of recipes. I have not run out of bread recipes though. Once again I sing the praises of this book. I have made the DELICIOUS olive oil pizza crust, the Challah, and the Buttermilk bread -- and all the different types of loaves the book gives for those doughs, including the wonderful sticky caramel pecan rolls that I made with the challah dough. I am in love with bread making! I am searching tomorrow for different types of flours to try so I can make rye bread and oatmeal bread next. I'm hoping that this obsession is a lesser weevil than my obsession a few years back with making decorative cakes that left me a little more than tubbins. Speaking of tubbins, I need to go put my son to bed, so goodnight!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Of, course, I had my baby AGES ago. (And he was huge and labor without drugs hurts so so bad, but then, I should've known it would.) But being a first-time momma means, um, no personal time. And I mean NONE. Thankfully, you (or, rather, I) don't mind too often -- especially now that your (um, my) little one coos and smiles and watches everything with interest. SO. I don't know how often I'll post, because all I can seem to handle is posting pics on facebook. But I will drop a quick line to tell everyone all the humorous things Nathan does. Like shoot poop on Andy from two feet away. Oh I loved that one. Cheez Whiz it is amazing how much you can love someone.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh alright

So my carpool buddy gave birth yesterday. She wasn't due for ten or eleven days and she gave birth. She wasn't effaced or dilated and she gave birth. (Tricia, if you read this, I am very happy for you... deep deep down.)

I'm due. I've been totally effaced for weeks and I'm 2cm dilated. No labor. No birth.

But, I've put my big-girl pants on and quit pouting. Because, as I've been reminded, I'm not going to care when he come as soon as he is in my arms. I'm not going to care about anything but being with my husband and son, and I really can't wait to see my son in my husband's arms.

And Andy has been trying to console me by offering to get me coconut ice cream or taking me to the movies. Yes, I'm easy, because those things work.

So, I'm trying to use my time to pack up the house so that I won't have to spend my time doing that when Nathan is here. I would rather be reading a great novel, but I think I have a fine at the library. :( I'm going to go check later this afternoon when I feel like getting out of my jammies.

So to the good news:
1. Andy left early this morning (don't worry he'll be back tonight)to get a second look at the two houses we've made offers on. So, perhaps, we'll make our final offer on one of them tomorrow and hopefully have our first home!
2. Audi is coming this weekend -- baby or no baby. No weekend is as good as those either spent on a road trip with Andy, or having Audi visit. And I promise, Audi, my water won't break in your car.
3. Andy and I cleaned my car with a fine-toothed comb and I remembered how much I like it! It smells new again, and it is shiny, and Andy spent two hours learning how to install the car seat (which matches my car, which made both of us happy for some silly reason).

Saturday, May 09, 2009

12 days left (more or less)

Andy left with a truck load full of our crap early this morning to check out a few houses in Columbia. He graduated last night and we enjoyed spending a little bit of time with his family (and I got my beloved coconut ice cream). I liked watching him cross the stage. They had a televised image of each graduate (while they were graduating, about 5 seconds) on a huge screen and he did really well. The first time I graduated I missed the hand of the president and grabbed his wrist and the second time I tripped a little in my brand new shoes because they were a little loose (b/c my feet became sweaty... ew). So, on the huge TV, he looked distinguished and, dare I say, hot. I bet he reads this and gets annoyed with me, but he really was handsome.
But anyway, I'm staying on the couch today because I came down with a bad cold last night and it is leeching all my energy. I've only been sick once since I've been pregnant and I've heard that "flu-like symptoms" can be a sign that labor is about to start, but then I've had a lot of those signs and still no labor. And "about to start" is vague and NOT comforting. Especially when every website and book concludes by saying, "remember that like each person, each pregnancy [and therefore the symptoms] is different." I know I'm with a billion other women out there when I say I'm sick of being pregnant! I want to hold my son, and see his face, and sleep on my tummy, and hold my pee for more than twenty minutes. Yes, in that order.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

this past week

I've had a lot of fun teaching art to all the kids I don't normally have, so my little country school can graduate its seniors (because they have to have an art credit to graduate and the super intendent prefers to keep not one, but three FFA teachers on staff rather than a liberal arts teacher. Nathan has seemed to drop as far as he can go though, so walking around school was difficult (my tummy is now resting, seriously RESTING, on the tops of my legs) and it is making me worried that I won't be able to work my last two weeks. So tonight, I'm planning out everything I can and trying to get the yearbook finished, just in case I have to stay home. I would be a little sad to not have my students for these last two weeks, but then, it would be a little nice too. ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

checking out the maternity ward

is a little scary.
Both Andy and I had deer-in-the-headlights looks on our faces because actually being in the hospital, and pressing the button to be admitted into the room, and looking at the birthing room with the weird bed, and the surgery room with the weird equipment, and being told way too much information, and filling out your son's birth certificate, is all a little overwhelming.

I was scared the second I sat in one of the recovery rooms with a nurse to fill out paper work. Andy was scared the second he was in the birthing room, which I understand, because actually thinking about watching your spouse go through pain, while being told how it is your job to go get me jello and sprite, and how you can sleep on the fold-out couch in the room (all while praying that the baby doesn't come until you've finished your thesis), must be a little freaky. The nurse even showed us how they dim the lights once mommy (me in this case) begins to push. Why then I wonder? I thought it was the part of labor right before pushing that was the worst.

Anyway, I'm sure no trip to the hospital will quite be like the one today. We'll probably both be scared when we actually go, but, I hope, not quite so scared.