Thursday, August 06, 2009

fence, menus, eggs, and tubbins

We were supposed to get a fence this weekend, but it is delayed again. I'm highly annoyed because I prepared a fantastic menu for the workers (Andy, his grandpa, and his grandpa's tenant who owes some back rent) and was going to venture out to the local food store (as in, the store here that sells only local foods) for a roast, a couple of watermelons, and a whole lot of eggs and veggies.

As I said on facebook earlier today, I am going to get a few chickens. You should visit this website if you'd like a laugh and while there check out the Eglus, a plastic coop for your pet chicken. It's very funny. I'm psyched though because I've always wanted chickens and I have the full support of my family (my dad said I should buy them so he could tell me it was the worst idea I've ever had) AND I need eggs, lots of them, for our new work-week vegetarian lifestyle (meaning, we only eat a little meat on the weekends because I don't want to go without BBQ). I already signed Andy up for building me a coop, and I have my trusty "Country Wisdom and Know-How" book to give guidance. Here is a picture of my future-beloved Easter Egger chicks. I am taking suggestions for names.

So, our new veggie diet is going pretty well but I'm running out of recipes. I have not run out of bread recipes though. Once again I sing the praises of this book. I have made the DELICIOUS olive oil pizza crust, the Challah, and the Buttermilk bread -- and all the different types of loaves the book gives for those doughs, including the wonderful sticky caramel pecan rolls that I made with the challah dough. I am in love with bread making! I am searching tomorrow for different types of flours to try so I can make rye bread and oatmeal bread next. I'm hoping that this obsession is a lesser weevil than my obsession a few years back with making decorative cakes that left me a little more than tubbins. Speaking of tubbins, I need to go put my son to bed, so goodnight!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Of, course, I had my baby AGES ago. (And he was huge and labor without drugs hurts so so bad, but then, I should've known it would.) But being a first-time momma means, um, no personal time. And I mean NONE. Thankfully, you (or, rather, I) don't mind too often -- especially now that your (um, my) little one coos and smiles and watches everything with interest. SO. I don't know how often I'll post, because all I can seem to handle is posting pics on facebook. But I will drop a quick line to tell everyone all the humorous things Nathan does. Like shoot poop on Andy from two feet away. Oh I loved that one. Cheez Whiz it is amazing how much you can love someone.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh alright

So my carpool buddy gave birth yesterday. She wasn't due for ten or eleven days and she gave birth. She wasn't effaced or dilated and she gave birth. (Tricia, if you read this, I am very happy for you... deep deep down.)

I'm due. I've been totally effaced for weeks and I'm 2cm dilated. No labor. No birth.

But, I've put my big-girl pants on and quit pouting. Because, as I've been reminded, I'm not going to care when he come as soon as he is in my arms. I'm not going to care about anything but being with my husband and son, and I really can't wait to see my son in my husband's arms.

And Andy has been trying to console me by offering to get me coconut ice cream or taking me to the movies. Yes, I'm easy, because those things work.

So, I'm trying to use my time to pack up the house so that I won't have to spend my time doing that when Nathan is here. I would rather be reading a great novel, but I think I have a fine at the library. :( I'm going to go check later this afternoon when I feel like getting out of my jammies.

So to the good news:
1. Andy left early this morning (don't worry he'll be back tonight)to get a second look at the two houses we've made offers on. So, perhaps, we'll make our final offer on one of them tomorrow and hopefully have our first home!
2. Audi is coming this weekend -- baby or no baby. No weekend is as good as those either spent on a road trip with Andy, or having Audi visit. And I promise, Audi, my water won't break in your car.
3. Andy and I cleaned my car with a fine-toothed comb and I remembered how much I like it! It smells new again, and it is shiny, and Andy spent two hours learning how to install the car seat (which matches my car, which made both of us happy for some silly reason).

Saturday, May 09, 2009

12 days left (more or less)

Andy left with a truck load full of our crap early this morning to check out a few houses in Columbia. He graduated last night and we enjoyed spending a little bit of time with his family (and I got my beloved coconut ice cream). I liked watching him cross the stage. They had a televised image of each graduate (while they were graduating, about 5 seconds) on a huge screen and he did really well. The first time I graduated I missed the hand of the president and grabbed his wrist and the second time I tripped a little in my brand new shoes because they were a little loose (b/c my feet became sweaty... ew). So, on the huge TV, he looked distinguished and, dare I say, hot. I bet he reads this and gets annoyed with me, but he really was handsome.
But anyway, I'm staying on the couch today because I came down with a bad cold last night and it is leeching all my energy. I've only been sick once since I've been pregnant and I've heard that "flu-like symptoms" can be a sign that labor is about to start, but then I've had a lot of those signs and still no labor. And "about to start" is vague and NOT comforting. Especially when every website and book concludes by saying, "remember that like each person, each pregnancy [and therefore the symptoms] is different." I know I'm with a billion other women out there when I say I'm sick of being pregnant! I want to hold my son, and see his face, and sleep on my tummy, and hold my pee for more than twenty minutes. Yes, in that order.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

this past week

I've had a lot of fun teaching art to all the kids I don't normally have, so my little country school can graduate its seniors (because they have to have an art credit to graduate and the super intendent prefers to keep not one, but three FFA teachers on staff rather than a liberal arts teacher. Nathan has seemed to drop as far as he can go though, so walking around school was difficult (my tummy is now resting, seriously RESTING, on the tops of my legs) and it is making me worried that I won't be able to work my last two weeks. So tonight, I'm planning out everything I can and trying to get the yearbook finished, just in case I have to stay home. I would be a little sad to not have my students for these last two weeks, but then, it would be a little nice too. ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

checking out the maternity ward

is a little scary.
Both Andy and I had deer-in-the-headlights looks on our faces because actually being in the hospital, and pressing the button to be admitted into the room, and looking at the birthing room with the weird bed, and the surgery room with the weird equipment, and being told way too much information, and filling out your son's birth certificate, is all a little overwhelming.

I was scared the second I sat in one of the recovery rooms with a nurse to fill out paper work. Andy was scared the second he was in the birthing room, which I understand, because actually thinking about watching your spouse go through pain, while being told how it is your job to go get me jello and sprite, and how you can sleep on the fold-out couch in the room (all while praying that the baby doesn't come until you've finished your thesis), must be a little freaky. The nurse even showed us how they dim the lights once mommy (me in this case) begins to push. Why then I wonder? I thought it was the part of labor right before pushing that was the worst.

Anyway, I'm sure no trip to the hospital will quite be like the one today. We'll probably both be scared when we actually go, but, I hope, not quite so scared.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

vienna-sausage toes

I four weeks left! Or six, if God thinks I can handle it, but I might be irritated at him... (did you hear that?). My feet, and therefore toes, are so swollen that they look like a fat baby's feet. You know where you can't see your ankles at all, nor the fine bones that usually show at the tops of your feet?
And I'm getting so excited about holding Nathan and all that comes with having him outside my body that I'm reading every little sign my body gives and hoping that it means I'm going to labor in the next ten minutes. It's silly, a little frustrating, and a little fun. Oh, and only fifteen teaching days left for me.... FIFTEEN!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to eat like a horse."

These words of wisdom coming from a sixteen year old punk who spends all of 45 minutes with me whining about my forcing him to learn. Whew! He's lucky that end-of-the-pregnancy nasty attitude I've heard of hasn't come (except when I'm sleepy), because I might have said something back. Luckily, two days later, he came in to my class with his skin as orange as a baby who eats only carrots. Apparently, his "buddy convinced" him to go tanning. Suuuuuuure.

I've finally gotten stretch marks on my belly. It was a sad morning when I woke up and saw that ten or so magically appeared. It made me sad, because I was proud of my smooth, hard, pregnant belly, even if only Andy and I saw it, and now it is marred with purple streaks. At least I've read that they'll fade eventually. I am getting sick of carrying around this extra weight though. And I feel bad about complaining about it when I wanted it so much, but lately I have been feeling pretty puny.
My feet and hands get swollen (but my blood pressure is usually low, so apparently it isn't a problem except that it hurts), my stomach hurts a lot, and I feel queasy. I've also been blessed with some Braxton Hicks (thank you Dr. Tom, for not calling them fake, but instead saying, "so you've begun getting contractions.") which gives you shots of pain at the top of your belly that quickly moved down. And menstrual-like cramps. I almost forgot what those felt like and so I had to give a few thanks for the lack of a period for the past eight months.
I know that these pre-labor contractions don't do much to dilate me, and therefore move me toward the finish line, but I'm hoping they will soon and that Nathan won't decide that he wants to linger in mommy's warm water-bath.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

seven weeks and counting

YAY! Because I'm starting to feel like a whale. I just had the best haircut of my life and the stylist was this tall waif-like beauty and she made me feel even more huge. Then, I had to get a new license (because my preggo brain made me lose mine) and, of course, take a new picture and I realized how much my face has swelled. Probably no one else would notice, but I do. I can't wait to have Nathan out and to start breastfeeding to shed these extra pounds. Seriously, I feel like crying or stamping my feet in a full scale temper tantrum.

The good news is that Dr. Karns told me that he thinks Nathan may have turned, which means he may not be breeched any longer. If the doc thinks he turned back, or if he still isn't positive, he said I'll have an ultrasound in four weeks (yay getting to see Nathan again, boo $$) to make sure. If he is breech, they'll turn him. I really don't want that to happen, because apparently it hurts A LOT. But I'm hopeful that the boy has done yet another somersault. I can't wait to wrestle with my little man... or at least hold him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

all mixed up

This is not what I was thinking of talking about -- but it just popped in my head when I wrote the title.
I really like phrasal verbs. If you don't know what those are, they are these slang-like terms we use all the time where you have a verb followed by word that looks like a preposition but acts like an adverb, and therefore can't be separated from the verb (because adverbs modify, or give you more information about, verbs (and other things)). So to give you some examples: mixed up, put up, show up, run into, run away, turn on, and flip off. Do you see how these combos can have different meanings if used in a different way?
Bob ran up the hill. In this sentence Bob physically ran up, so it is a verb followed by a prepositional phrase.
Bob ran up the bill. In this sentence Bob isn't physically running up the bill, he is instead, making too many purchases! So this is a verb/adverb combo, which is called, by grammarians, a phrasal verb.
And I like the nouns that are essentially phrasal verbs, like, "throw up."

Okay. What I was planning on writing about were my mixed emotions about going back to school in about fourteen hours. I am glad that I don't despise my job, because I have despised jobs in the past and in one case cried when I went to work, and in another had to sing "If we make it to December" by Merle Haggard just to get me through (because I was quitting to move to Oklahoma in December).

But I don't want to go back. I've used my spring break to catch up on sleep and I'm still so tired and I become weary when I think of all the things I need to get done in eight very short weeks. I actually like my job and my students, and sometimes I even enjoy teaching (that's the rare and wonderful occasion that a sixteen year old gives a crap about learning). But I wish I could stay at home, make dinner every night as I have been and not be in a rush, not be worn out from putting up with kids who hate school, and simply prepare for the move and for Nathan's arrival.

I have organized and prepared his room as much as I can with what I have -- even though it will only be his room for a month (or less depending when he comes), I wanted to make it as much of a nursery as I could. I put all the adorable things my mom made for him (just wait until I post pictures of these things) in there and I set his books and diapers nicely on a bookshelf. And I put his stuffed animals and toys in a big basket my sister-in-law gave me. And I organized all the clothes I have by size and season, put them in zip lock bags, and labeled them for easy access (and so I felt like I was doing something).

Wow, I finally ran out of things to say. Or my brain went blank again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

spring break or "the best-laid plans of mice and men..."

"... often go awry."
I had just glorious schemes for getting projects done during spring break. Now it is almost over and all I've done is sleep, eat, cook, and research diapers (there is a lot of info out there -- I promise this was my one worthy task). But I meant to finish not one, but two sewing projects, pack up the house, get the Wellston yearbook completely planned out, and my last eight teaching weeks fully planned (just in case little buddy comes a little sooner -- did you hear that, Nathan?).
It is so nice outside today that I think I may get out and do a little yard work, even though that isn't one of the planned projects.

Nathan is moving like a hyper-active kid again the past two days. He is constantly wiggling around (and I'm glad, because he's breached and I want him to work himself to a better position) and moving my stomach like a person wiggling jello. Andy finally saw some of this action last night and was appropriately freaked out. It makes me laugh whenever Andy sees it, and it makes me happy whenever I see it on my own (like now). I'm having a lot of back pain now though, and it is mostly because it takes so much effort for me to get up from a sitting position, to bend down, and to do things (like the dishes) that require me to bend because my belly is too far out for me to reach the faucet and sink otherwise.

This past weekend was my baby shower and it wasn't as embarrassing as I thought it would be. In fact, there was such a whirlwind of presents that I kind of lost track and began worrying that my guests were bored to death. Later that night I went home and sorted through everything and it made me feel much more prepared for Nathan's arrival. I like to plan things way in advance (I normally have Christmas planned in the summer) and I haven't been able to do much of that until now. I still can't really set up a nursery, but I did pack up the things he won't be able to play with or wear, and set the things he will use out in as cute as possible ways.

My family spoiled me that weekend too, since they all came up (well, all the women) and my sister and sister-in-law planned the whole thing. My sister, my mom, and my Mema, stocked my fridge and took me out to eat and took me to baby stores. It was a lot of fun to be with them, and it made me a little sad to see them try so hard to love me that weekend. I'm going to miss them a lot when we move, because it is so much farther away and I don't know how much travel will be possible on our limited budget.
Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend and now I better go get some of those plans completed before my spring break completely slips away from me.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

spring forward stinks

I am so tired! Not only did I stay up way to late sorting bugs with Andy, but I lost (just like all of you) an hour of sleep. My eyes are burning I'm so sleepy. I tried to take a nap but the neighbors are in their yard playing music. So I'm trying to stay awake until nine when I'll crawl into bed.

However, I do like that is it bright outside later in the evening. It makes me feel like I should get more done. Like grading papers... my grades are due tomorrow because half the semester is over (whoopee!) and I still have two quizzes from each of my six classes to grade. And a few journal entries, which make me wonder why I didn't become a math teacher. Or science. I think I love science more than most high school science teachers I know, so why oh why did I go with the subject that takes the longest to grade and that the majority of the students think is "gay." Even when I pick out books that kids their ages love instead of the dusty old classics!

Okay, I'll stay off that soapbox because I have only nine more weeks with the little boogers and then hopefully when I do have to go back to work, I can find a job teaching older boogers at the community college in Columbia.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

do not dispose

I'm getting psyched about non-disposable diapers. Mainly because I found out that a woman I really like has experience with cloth diapers and is very encouraging and helpful. Too bad I'm moving so I won't get to know her better.
Yes, we're moving. To Columbia, Missouri in June when our lease is up. Which is why I hope Nathan comes sooner rather than later (as long as he's ready and healthy though) so I'll have more than a couple weeks to recoup and to say bye to my Okie friends.
Then, once again, we'll be poor. We haven't been poor for two years now and I'm afraid I'm spoiled. We do use a budget, but we're not as rigorous as we should be because we know we always have our savings. But after August... there is no back-up, so I'm trying to get serious now about sticking to that budget (that I begged for for years... what was I thinking?). It is becoming more difficult to stay within the grocery budget and Andy increased the amount when I first noticed that groceries were getting more expensive. The only thing lately that I've seen drop is Blue Bell ice-cream, and I was happy for that, but I'd rather have cheaper milk and eggs please. AND FRUIT! Why is fruit so much? I could get tons of junk food for the amount of pseudo-healthy food I try to get for me and Andy. I say pseudo-healthy because I still have to force myself most of the time to eat most veggies. Well, it is late and Andy is ready to go (we were sorting bugs for his master's project) so I'll finish this tomorrow.

Monday, February 16, 2009

throwing punches

I'm now at the end of my 27th week of pregnancy and Nathan is moving like a crazy hyperactive kid who sees a lollipop. I notice when he isn't moving rather than when he is. And now, amazingly, I can feel him at both sides of my stomach simultaneously. I'm not sure what he's doing, but it feels like he's stretching.
Tomorrow is my glucose screening test and I hope Nathan has grown enough to where my doctor can tell me sometime about how he's growing, like if he is a big or small baby so far.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

the 25 list

Or, if Nellie did it, so will I.

1. This I stole from her list: If I weren't a teacher, I would be a chef... actually I would be a baker who would specialize in pastries that look like fried eggs but are danishes with cream and apricot halves. Come over, I'll make you one.

2. I love lattes. Not plain coffee, lattes. I don't know why foamed milk makes me so happy.

3. Speaking of milk, I have to have it, I drink about a gallon a week, but only Braum's one percent.

4. My favorite two places in the world are, first, Alaska, and second, Austria, for much of the same reasons: the food is delicious, the temperature perfect (at least in the summer when I went), the views breath-taking, and the people are rustic and friendly.

5. I enjoy blowing my nose or peeing when my bladder is really really full.

6. I get sick of taking showers, it's so boring.

7. I despise making the bed, but I get on to Andy if he doesn't arrange the decorative pillows correctly.

8. Andy is my favorite person. We're such a good match that being mad at him or away from him for too long feels like I'm missing an appendage.

9. I like watching movies by myself.

10. I lust over expensive fabrics and yarns and furniture.

11. I get a kick out of being green, because I feel like I'm taking care of God's creation, and caring for my poor neighbors around the world by using less -- but it makes me feel guilty because I drive a billion miles to work each day.

12. I like to make voices for animals, mostly my dogs and I've started doing it to my unborn son too, and making them have conversations with each other. Usually Andy just stares at me.

13. I don't like recommending books to people b/c it's a let down.

14. which means, I get obsessively into stories and I'm hurt when others don't.

15. I'm very nostalgic and I have a great memory.

16. I miss my family all the time.

17. I feel weird because I love some people so much, and so I'm awkward and quiet around them.

18. I imagine my children as grown-ups. I imagine the future often.

19. My favorite dessert is banoffee tart.

20. My favorite meal would be a latte, eggs, turkey sausage, and french toast with blueberries.

21. I love earrings. BIG ones.

22. My favorite time is Saturday morning, slowly waking up next to Andy.

23. I love my dogs, but they get on my nerves. However, I can't sleep without them or Andy home.

24. I love to sing. More than most know.

25. I'm intensely thankful for my life and I hope I always will be, no matter what. But it's easy to be thankful now.

Friday, January 02, 2009

movie manners

Last night Andy took me to see The Day the Earth Stood Still because, he figured, we might only have a couple of months to still enjoy a movie out together. I liked the movie, but it could have been better. I'm not going to pick it apart because I don't feel that I gave the movie the attention it is due, if it is to be criticized. This is because, horror of all horrors, someone had bad movie manners and I had a bad attitude. The first wrong committed was sitting directly behind me. The heater was broken in this theater and so not many people were in it, in fact, when we showed up only one other family was there and maybe five families total came to the show. So why did this family have to sit directly behind us? And, put their feet up on the chair next to my head? I figured I would get over this, and I probably would have, if they had movie manners from then on. But nooooooooooo. The least offensive thing was their chewing popcorn, slurping drinks, and digging for candy in their plastic wrappers (i.e. making a lot of noise) during the scenes where there is little or no sound. Directors do this for effect, to build suspense, to move you closer to your boy toy or to the edge of your seat, NOT to be annoyed at people happily, but noisily, munching food. When you're in a movie, you're supposed to be in the moment, not worried about shoving food in your face! I don't mind people eating in the theater as long as they do the noisy parts either during the previews (like I did) or during the loud parts of the movie, such as when things are being blown up. The worst offense was that one member of this family, the person sitting behind me and on my right, laughed at the most inappropriate moments. She would make a grunt-like scoffing "humph" every time something awful was happening to someone or to mankind. One time she made two laugh-grunts, and think this is when people were being eaten my those revelation style grey insects or maybe it was when the alien killed a police officer by ramming a car into him. I almost got up and moved, but, chicken as I was, I only complained to Andy about it in a whisper. You may be surprised to know that this isn't my worst movie experience (did I tell you about the time I grabbed a kid's leg because he was rhythmically kicking the back of my chair -- I didn't even turn around, I just reached behind my chair, held his foot for a second and then let go. I'm sure I freaked the kid's poor mother out) and I did actually enjoy my evening out with Andy. We had a good laugh about it earlier. The movie itself, however, didn't produce much discussion. We talked about other doom and gloom alien movies (alien movies are the only scary or suspenseful movies I love) and about the laugh-grunt lady. The only thing I noted from the movie is that the alien seemed to change his mind because of the behavior of the little boy, not his step-mom's as the movie seems to lead you to think. Because, really, his was the boy's behavior that changed, not the woman's. So, I liked it. It wasn't the best alien movie by far, but the special effects are worth the two hours you'll spend.