Wednesday, April 04, 2007

donations for Zambia

Hello everyone!
Legacy Missions has made donating online possible. So if you would still like to donate, the deadline is fast approaching and I still need about $900. But think -- that means I have been given and have raised $3100! That's amazing!
Here's the website:
Click on "support a short time missionary" and type in my name.
Thank you everyone for helping me get so close to my goal! God bless you!


Mama Em said...


It's awfully mean to give me your blog and then snatch it away by deciding to slim down...speaking of, I hear ya on the weight thing- I did fine in preganancy, go figure, and then got so sad with baby blues and having moved away that I ate way too much...anyway, Josh and started running and eating better and eating more at home, which incidentally, helps $, too... :) Anyway, still not there yet, but trying!

What's the deal with Zambia? Is Andy going? Who's taking care of Daphne?

EmilyAnne said...

Well! At least I'm not stopping, Em. I will still post. :) Perhaps I'll just email you!
here's mine: please send me yours.
I seriously think that the sadness of moving and the difficulty of making true friends were the main reasons I ate too much. I think you look terrific!

I'm going on a mission trip to Zambia in July for 2 weeks (without Andy). Andy will be working most of the time and hopefully he can take care of Daphne and Wilson, perhaps even take them with him to his work (it's research in the grasslands of OK) and if not he'll have to board them during the week. It'll be rough on them, but Daph did it for two weeks when we went to Alaska and she was fine. It's sweet of you to be concerned about my pup!