Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my classroom

I'm going to try to go look at my classroom tomorrow and so I've been thinking of how to decorate it.
I googled the idea and came back with a lot of really saccharine sweet ideas.
I DO NOT want my classroom to look like a typical Junior High English classroom. It will not be cutesy. I think those teachers are thinking of what old ladies would like, not young teenagers.
But I can't come up with too many ideas!
I've searched for reading posters and the only one I've found that wasn't cutesy is Xmen, and not everyone likes comics.
I was thinking I could scan covers of young adult novels that I have (I have a lot) and make a border around the room with them. Or if that's too expensive I could recreate the cover art as posters.
I also thought if there has to be a bulletin board that I would take funny posed pics of my students the first day of class and we would post them, b/c I'm sure all self focused preteens love pictures of themselves. And they could write a short bio on a note card that would be placed under the photo.
Maybe a grammar poster of some sort, but I don't know how to make that interesting and I'm not sure that I want the rules posted all over the place b/c then I would have trouble covering them up during quizzes.
You have any ideas?
What did you most like about your middle or secondary English classes and teachers?
My favorite thing was my 8th grade teacher Mr. Maher coming to class in a robe and beard screaming, "I AM ZEUS!" He is awesome.


tranthegirl said...

I loved my high school English teachers, Mrs. Coward and Mrs. Clay. One was sweet-natured and you could tell she loved the material and getting people to delve; she critiqued and praised my poetry outside of class. Another was dry-humored and sassy and took English beyond basic reading and plot/character regurgitation.
My favorite class days were when we'd make a circle with our desks and did tangible exercises and discussions regarding what we read. Once we read Our Town the play together like that. Another time while reading an Ayn Rand book, we had new names (main character was named Equality) and discussed society ruled by a majority force and such.

Anonymous said...

My favorite teacher was my 8th grade English teacher, as well! Ms. Miller had red hair and she would sit on her desk and read aloud to us each Friday. She would have a different voice for each character and she knew how to read so that you felt the emotion of the story. I think that you are going to be an awesome teacher, too!! love...mom