Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Should Wilson be Neuticled?
My vet said Neuticles are not ethical. Is that true?

We feel the removal of a God given body part - leaving a male pet looking unwhole after the traditional form of neutering is not only unethical but unnatural. With Neuticles it's like nothing ever changed.

Crafted from FDA medically-approved polypropylene. Not plastic but resembles plastic in firmness.

Do Neuticles come in sizes?

Neuticles are now available for any-sized canine, feline, equine, bull or any neutered pet. Refer to sizing chart for additional information and 3D sizing chart. Custom sizing is available.

What is scar tissue development?

Some pets develop scar tissue. It is totally harmless and does not disfigure the Neuticle in any way. Scar tissue is a micro-thin film that may surround the Neuticles making it feel firmer to the human touch. While this is not a concern to most pet owners the way to eliminate potential development is to gently massage the Neuticles weekly to break up any possible formations or to Neuticle their pet with the Neuticles UltraPLUS which features a special textured exterior which virtually eliminates the risk of potential scar tissue development.

What Pet Owners Are Saying About:
Neutering With NEUTICLES®

"I've put off neutering "Crooked Joe" for months and when I found out about Neuticles and spoke to them it made me feel better about neutering. Joe not only looks the same now- but dosen't know he's missing anything."
Jeff Lane
Oak Park, Ill

Neuticles were the absolute least I could do."
Glenda Nelson
Spring, TX

"Frodo never knew he lost anything and is just a happier little dog since he's been neutered with Neuticles."
Janell Suasser
San Lorenzo, CA

A dog is like a kid- consideration for his feelings."
Greg Samual
Fresno, CA

"Just call me a caring pet owner."
Trish Fischer
Anchorage, Alaska

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