Sunday, July 13, 2008

5 years

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary.
We went to the natural history museum at OU, which was great because it was short and sweet (only took about 2 hours), it costs only 5 bucks, and they have a fantastic dinosaur exhibit. I was in awe with the triceratops, whose skull holds the Guinness Book of World Records title of being the largest skull found on earth (as opposed to those found on Mars). I couldn't believe how large and ornamental it was. I'm sure it was the toast of the town in its hay-day. Andy liked the super-gator exhibit the best. It was a little scary. The skull of this gator was the same size as Andy, over 6 feet long, with the body being 40 feet long. It was massive.
After that we went to Ted's, my favorite Oklahoman restaurant (see: and I ate beef tamales and refried beans with fresh hand-made tortillas. Yum! I just finished the leftovers while Andy is out mowing the lawn... I hope he doesn't notice.
It was a good anniversary, and I'm still very glad I'm married to him.

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Rachel D said...

Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary!!! Madeleine celebrated by getting chickenpox on your special day! ;o) Bet you didn't know I knew you blogged - found it when I googled Jonathan and saw a posting about our dinner with you guys. Our girls were so loud - it was embarassing, but they sure had a delightful time AND have practiced Andy's awesome card trick! ;o)