Monday, October 27, 2008

I saw baby today

Andy and I saw our baby today with our first sonogram. It was amazing. In fact, I couldn't stop laughing so Tom had a hard time finding an image of the baby. He was like, "this won't work if you're laughing" with a grand-dad look on his face, which made me laugh all the more. And, thank the Lord, having a friend from the church, and an elder at that, as your OBG, wasn't wierd at all. I still didn't like being in a skimpy orange plaid apron thingy, or being poked and prodded, but I DID NOT care because I saw baby. And, baby is alone in my womb, just one little one in there. And not a monster baby like I thought (because below the belt I'm HUGE)but an average little fetus. Andy asked Tom if he could tell anything about the baby at this stage and Tom was like, "well, it has a head." Which made me laugh again.
But I mostly laughed because baby kicked its stumpy legs (Lord let them grow like Andy's and not stay stumpy like mine) and kind of bounced.
Then, Tom said it was sucking its thumb, which made me fell a wave of love, because I was notorious for sucking my thumb, and here is my baby, 11 weeks old, and has at least something from me. Besides half my genes, of course.


The Thomas Troops said...

I'm tickled to know you're not still sucking it Emily! I remember it vividly plugged in and what a big girl you were when you only sucked it on your bed. What a miracle your little one is...
Dynasty (The babysitter)

Rachel said...

Emily - I love this post - your honesty and the way you write is wonderful to experience! Thanks for sharing! Rachel