Thursday, February 05, 2009

the 25 list

Or, if Nellie did it, so will I.

1. This I stole from her list: If I weren't a teacher, I would be a chef... actually I would be a baker who would specialize in pastries that look like fried eggs but are danishes with cream and apricot halves. Come over, I'll make you one.

2. I love lattes. Not plain coffee, lattes. I don't know why foamed milk makes me so happy.

3. Speaking of milk, I have to have it, I drink about a gallon a week, but only Braum's one percent.

4. My favorite two places in the world are, first, Alaska, and second, Austria, for much of the same reasons: the food is delicious, the temperature perfect (at least in the summer when I went), the views breath-taking, and the people are rustic and friendly.

5. I enjoy blowing my nose or peeing when my bladder is really really full.

6. I get sick of taking showers, it's so boring.

7. I despise making the bed, but I get on to Andy if he doesn't arrange the decorative pillows correctly.

8. Andy is my favorite person. We're such a good match that being mad at him or away from him for too long feels like I'm missing an appendage.

9. I like watching movies by myself.

10. I lust over expensive fabrics and yarns and furniture.

11. I get a kick out of being green, because I feel like I'm taking care of God's creation, and caring for my poor neighbors around the world by using less -- but it makes me feel guilty because I drive a billion miles to work each day.

12. I like to make voices for animals, mostly my dogs and I've started doing it to my unborn son too, and making them have conversations with each other. Usually Andy just stares at me.

13. I don't like recommending books to people b/c it's a let down.

14. which means, I get obsessively into stories and I'm hurt when others don't.

15. I'm very nostalgic and I have a great memory.

16. I miss my family all the time.

17. I feel weird because I love some people so much, and so I'm awkward and quiet around them.

18. I imagine my children as grown-ups. I imagine the future often.

19. My favorite dessert is banoffee tart.

20. My favorite meal would be a latte, eggs, turkey sausage, and french toast with blueberries.

21. I love earrings. BIG ones.

22. My favorite time is Saturday morning, slowly waking up next to Andy.

23. I love my dogs, but they get on my nerves. However, I can't sleep without them or Andy home.

24. I love to sing. More than most know.

25. I'm intensely thankful for my life and I hope I always will be, no matter what. But it's easy to be thankful now.

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