Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I'm sorry I haven't blogged lately. And I'm not going to until I'm finished with everything. I don't know if work or school is more frustrating and difficult this week, but the combo is working together to kill me, I'm sure. We've had elementary school tours all week and my boss has been popping in my office more than usually lately. I have billions of pages still due. billions. waa.

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tranthegirl said...

I concur!! I'm still an emotional wreck from this last week. Feel like I should be selling $1 tickets a pop to view me... the freak show. Come Friday, I'll be Holidays Celebrating in full style but until then, mean finals and hectic work and confusing relationships will continue to chew me up and regurgitate like cud. So at least know, you're not the only one that feels like crud... or cud.