Saturday, December 02, 2006


Andy said my last post was mean. I'm sorry that I can be so mean sometimes. I wish I weren't, but at least I've got pretty much got the honest thing down. I should bite my tongue more often.

"Stranger than Fiction" is a great movie, go see it!

I wish I were Damien Rice's or Fernando Ortega's or Josh Groban's back-up singer.

I'm thinking of quitting school... with only a week left. I'm having writer's block or something else weird with my brain (perhaps it is leaking again, I should really get that checked out... I did get a Qtip stuck in my ear yesterday) and I have about sixty pages that should've been finished about a week ago.

Andy and I are normally busy and stressed. Last night we had fun though... we went to the Chinese buffet that we'll never visit again b/c a cockroach walked across the table... we laughed... then after the movie we raced to the truck. You should try it, it's more fun that you could possibly imagine. Then we made fun of each other's laugh. I really like my husband, you know.

I have a John Irving book ready to read - "A Widow for One Year" I'll tell you about it when I get to start, which will be after these papers are complete. Irving is my favorite American author, I think. Or at least so far. For some reason I've read a lot more Brit Lit than American.

That's all.


tranthegirl said...

Bleh. I want to quit school too with 1.5 weeks left.

So funny how our personalities are both blessing and burden... I feel the weight of both much.


ps went rock climbing yesterday near the Brazos... made me miss our Buffalo River adventure deeply.

Faith said...

I liked your last post (probably b/c I know exactly what you are talking about) and I like your honesty. I wish I could be more like that sometimes.