Tuesday, January 15, 2008

good day

I have "walking pneumonia" and my students were wackos today, but I'm having a good day.
One of my kids who hardly ever does any work besides studying his eyelids came after school today and did his entire review for the exam. I was so proud of him.
And Andy and I have been getting along well, which really helps my outlook on things.
I finally bought a new trashcan -- the metal kind that doesn't stain like our old one did. I've been waiting for one since last April, I know that sounds silly, but we just never got around to saving that extra $30 when we had so many other things to save for.
I want to write more, but it is going to have to wait until later.
I hope everyone is well.
Oh, that reminds me. Please pray for my friend Jamie's sister who was in a serious car wreck and I think her neck is broken. Their father is trying to get a flight home from Japan so her mom is all alone. Please pray for Jamie's sister and mom.

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