Monday, September 08, 2008

my new classroom

It's messy, and I thought about picking it up before I took pics, but then, that wouldn't be my true classroom. Since these photos were taken, I've added a Howl's Moving Castle and Lord of the Rings poster and a lot of student artwork will be going up soon.

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BarkEndeavourII said...

AHH, it's your blog!!! :D :D I'm so excited! I completely forgot that you had one.
Your classroom is GORGEOUS, I am beyond envious. Eventually I'll have to post pictures of mine. It's hideous. The walls are terribly dirty, and have bad Korean words written all over them. With the exception of two maps that were all torn up and covered in permanent marker, there was absolutely NOTHING else-- no pictures, no posters, not even students' work. I need to come up here early one morning to clean, but it's a half hour work, and kind of a hassle to lug all of the stuff up. I need to find a store-- probably in Seoul-- which sells English language posters and things, so I can make the place a bit less hideous.
Anyway, now that I've rambled on for a paragraph, I'll shut up. Give my regards to Andy, the Hills, the Hamiltons, and the rest of the Grace family. I miss you all more than I know how to say.