Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh alright

So my carpool buddy gave birth yesterday. She wasn't due for ten or eleven days and she gave birth. She wasn't effaced or dilated and she gave birth. (Tricia, if you read this, I am very happy for you... deep deep down.)

I'm due. I've been totally effaced for weeks and I'm 2cm dilated. No labor. No birth.

But, I've put my big-girl pants on and quit pouting. Because, as I've been reminded, I'm not going to care when he come as soon as he is in my arms. I'm not going to care about anything but being with my husband and son, and I really can't wait to see my son in my husband's arms.

And Andy has been trying to console me by offering to get me coconut ice cream or taking me to the movies. Yes, I'm easy, because those things work.

So, I'm trying to use my time to pack up the house so that I won't have to spend my time doing that when Nathan is here. I would rather be reading a great novel, but I think I have a fine at the library. :( I'm going to go check later this afternoon when I feel like getting out of my jammies.

So to the good news:
1. Andy left early this morning (don't worry he'll be back tonight)to get a second look at the two houses we've made offers on. So, perhaps, we'll make our final offer on one of them tomorrow and hopefully have our first home!
2. Audi is coming this weekend -- baby or no baby. No weekend is as good as those either spent on a road trip with Andy, or having Audi visit. And I promise, Audi, my water won't break in your car.
3. Andy and I cleaned my car with a fine-toothed comb and I remembered how much I like it! It smells new again, and it is shiny, and Andy spent two hours learning how to install the car seat (which matches my car, which made both of us happy for some silly reason).

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