Saturday, May 09, 2009

12 days left (more or less)

Andy left with a truck load full of our crap early this morning to check out a few houses in Columbia. He graduated last night and we enjoyed spending a little bit of time with his family (and I got my beloved coconut ice cream). I liked watching him cross the stage. They had a televised image of each graduate (while they were graduating, about 5 seconds) on a huge screen and he did really well. The first time I graduated I missed the hand of the president and grabbed his wrist and the second time I tripped a little in my brand new shoes because they were a little loose (b/c my feet became sweaty... ew). So, on the huge TV, he looked distinguished and, dare I say, hot. I bet he reads this and gets annoyed with me, but he really was handsome.
But anyway, I'm staying on the couch today because I came down with a bad cold last night and it is leeching all my energy. I've only been sick once since I've been pregnant and I've heard that "flu-like symptoms" can be a sign that labor is about to start, but then I've had a lot of those signs and still no labor. And "about to start" is vague and NOT comforting. Especially when every website and book concludes by saying, "remember that like each person, each pregnancy [and therefore the symptoms] is different." I know I'm with a billion other women out there when I say I'm sick of being pregnant! I want to hold my son, and see his face, and sleep on my tummy, and hold my pee for more than twenty minutes. Yes, in that order.

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