Thursday, August 06, 2009

fence, menus, eggs, and tubbins

We were supposed to get a fence this weekend, but it is delayed again. I'm highly annoyed because I prepared a fantastic menu for the workers (Andy, his grandpa, and his grandpa's tenant who owes some back rent) and was going to venture out to the local food store (as in, the store here that sells only local foods) for a roast, a couple of watermelons, and a whole lot of eggs and veggies.

As I said on facebook earlier today, I am going to get a few chickens. You should visit this website if you'd like a laugh and while there check out the Eglus, a plastic coop for your pet chicken. It's very funny. I'm psyched though because I've always wanted chickens and I have the full support of my family (my dad said I should buy them so he could tell me it was the worst idea I've ever had) AND I need eggs, lots of them, for our new work-week vegetarian lifestyle (meaning, we only eat a little meat on the weekends because I don't want to go without BBQ). I already signed Andy up for building me a coop, and I have my trusty "Country Wisdom and Know-How" book to give guidance. Here is a picture of my future-beloved Easter Egger chicks. I am taking suggestions for names.

So, our new veggie diet is going pretty well but I'm running out of recipes. I have not run out of bread recipes though. Once again I sing the praises of this book. I have made the DELICIOUS olive oil pizza crust, the Challah, and the Buttermilk bread -- and all the different types of loaves the book gives for those doughs, including the wonderful sticky caramel pecan rolls that I made with the challah dough. I am in love with bread making! I am searching tomorrow for different types of flours to try so I can make rye bread and oatmeal bread next. I'm hoping that this obsession is a lesser weevil than my obsession a few years back with making decorative cakes that left me a little more than tubbins. Speaking of tubbins, I need to go put my son to bed, so goodnight!

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Siewert Family said...

I've always been a fan of the name "Clucky" for a chicken and "Clucky 2" for the second one.