Wednesday, November 29, 2006

things I've learned from my current job

(No, my boss isn't that mean, or blunt; I just think this strip is hilarious.)

1. Things not to do to be a successful boss.

a. Micro-manage

b. poke my employees in the stomach

c. consistently give my opinion, even when not asked

d. talk more than I listen

e. whistle or make any other loud repetitive noises that might disturb other workers

f. make assumptions without first talking to everyone involved

g. leave long vaguely insulting letters for my employees to find when they come to work the next morning

h. remind people that "I am the boss"

2. Carefully make sure that I don't have anything my employer can use against me.

3. I'm not made for secretarial work, no matter what my Meyers Brigg profile says.

17 days left and counting!

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