Wednesday, June 14, 2006

duties of the day

I really enjoy work days that require physical labor. I've never put much thought into it before, but I'm in a better mood when we have a physical project to do. Unless it involves lots of dust - that's not so much fun b/c you feel so disgusting afterwards. I think I enjoy those days more because I get sick of sitting in my chair and b/c you can see your accomplishments as you work.

School is not like that. It feels like it goes on and on and you don't see the light at the end until you're right upon graduation. I think that's the real test for a degree -- sticking with the drudgery.

I will miss talking in class though. I embarrass myself all the time in class because I don't keep my opinions to myself. I'll go to class and say to myself, "okay, no talking today," but I hardly ever get through a class without making some comment. I hope I'm not annoying to the students, but if I were I teacher I would prefer students who participate. I think I'll start a bookclub if I can make friends where we move who are also interested in reading.

That makes me think that I should thank my friends is Russvegas right now for being my friends b/c it's not easy to make new ones or to keep them. So THANK YOU for befriending me. And thank you, Myrriah, for moving to Boston. It won't be as hard to leave, now. And a huge THANK YOU to our friends in Texas who still visit us or call us.

Now I better go back to my duties of the day and post on this socialistic book I finally finished. I now have to finish "Hazard of New Fortunes" by William Dean Howells -- so if you have any thoughts on that novel please fire away. I'll talk about more well known books later on b/c my second summer term class will be reading current novels - some of those have been on Opera's book club or on the best seller list.


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