Tuesday, June 13, 2006

general update

Here's the general update for June 2006.

Andy is busy studying for the GRE and working full time for the forest service. I think they are going to try to do a burn today, but I haven't heard from him yet to confirm this. He's also busy researching graduate projects and applying to schools. So far he has sent applications to TX A&M and OU. I think he has sent "feeler" emails to schools in Tennessee and Kansas. He's interested in Georgia, but I don't think he's done anything to pursue it yet.

I am busy trying to get motivated to do my school work. This class is a bear and it is so difficult that I had to drop my fun class, Hist. of Fairytales. But I'm not too worried b.c I still have the book and I can read it on my own. I'm getting nervous about my master's exit exam that I'm taking in August b/c I haven't read all the books yet. I'm not being lazy, I read very fast - I just don't have the time yet. I'm still working at the ATU Museum and I'm still having a little trouble there but I'm grateful for the job. My coworker and friend, Faith, is going to take a little trip to Texas with me in July, I think. And, I'll be down in August to go to a christian conference with the women on my mom's side of the family.

Daphne is bigger and (surprise!) calmer (although not calm) and is enjoying her summer. She comes to work with me since I live so far (and b/c my boss is nice enough to let me bring her) and the gas prices are so high. Our pear tree has produced fruit and she loves to grab pears off the tree and toss them up in the air. I try to play catch with them, but they get pretty gross after awhile so Andy usually does that - at least the pears are still as hard as rocks. We've taken her canoeing twice this summer and she adores it!

We are trying to visit Tulsa ASAP and we're still planning on graduating and moving in December. This year it is Tulsa's turn for Thanksgiving and Dallas's turn for Christmas and we'll probably make our physical move right before or after Christmas so that Andy can get ready for classes in spring 2007.

The only other big news is my brother's upcoming wedding in November. I fell in love with a fabulous dress and bought it new at a quarter of the cost on eBay. I don't know which is bigger news. ;)

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