Tuesday, June 17, 2008

emotion = amt of sleep

So I can't sleep. This is because Andy isn't home and I watched a scary movie.

So I was thinking, since I'm not really tired, that not being tired is strange. Then I remembered that in grad school all I could do is sleep and that during this past year, my first year to teach, I was dead tired by 8:30 and cranky by 9.

So, I must be really happy to be at home and away from 15 year olds.

So, I'm going to ramble until I get sleepy, or find something else to do that won't take me out of the confines of my bedroom.

Sunday I wanted to blog because it was such a crazy day. I started out really happy -- church was good and we went to lunch with the Hamilton's, Aleithia, and James. Then, I was excited because Andy said he'd take me to the new M. Night Shamalan movie, The Happening. I love Shamalan's movies, I really do. The Village and Signs are two of my favorites movies, AFTER Elf of course.
But, I was bitterly disappointed. I complained to Andy about how disappointed I was for two days afterword. All the movie was, was a pointless, absolutely pointless, display of violence -- self mutilation to be exact. It was absolutely awful to watch. Aleithia and I covered our eyes for almost all of the movie. The only good part was the casting, but then, since we couldn't watch them act, it didn't matter who the actor's were.

But at least I still have the Batman movie to be excited about. Though, Andy and I decided that I shouldn't expect much, since it couldn't possibly be as good as Batman Begins, and if it is good I'll be pleasantly surprised, rather than disappointed.

Then, Monday, I had a fantastic day. Truly fantastic. I just did housework all day and spent normal time with Andy. I love having him in the house all day. The Dorsts came over for dinner (see Jonathan Dorst below in the Damage Inc. photos) and it wasn't all that great, but at least it wasn't bad! Sometimes, when people come over my dinners don't turn out very well... And they brought thier two young daughters. Andy showed the girls a magic trick and I think I fell for him all over again. The girls were very loud, but in a funny way, and it was good for us.

Okay, now I'm very sleepy -- so goodnight.


tranthegirl said...

That's good to know about "The Happening." I don't like queasy-inducing movies.

I loved Shymalan's movies in this order: Lady in the Water, The Village, then Signs. Sixth Sense was good but I can go forever w/out having to watch that again. Unbreakable was good too.

Magic trick? Disappearing coin or thumb disjunction one?

EmilyAnne said...

No, it wasn't those -- it was Andy's only card trick, I'm sure he'd love to show it to you. ;)
I liked The Village and Signs equally (I liked the idea of the Village better, but the thrill of Signs better, so it's a tie) and then Unbreakable and then Lady in the Water. I agree that I can't watch Sixth Sense again, but it was spectacular, and the music was terrific.