Saturday, June 07, 2008

midnight ride

When I was a preteen (or a tweenie as they are now called) I used to ride my bike alone at dusk. Then, when I got a car, I would drive alone with the windows down, sweating in the heavy summer heat (yeah, I know I said I hate being hot, but this is different), sometimes until four or five in the morning. This is, in part, because I never felt like I fit in, and my closest friends had other friends -- so I felt more comfortable alone. Whatever the reason, I now have to find ways to feed my habit of occupying my brain with anything but the norm. I don't drive around at night anymore 1. because Andy would wonder and 2. because it's wasteful 3. because it's expensive. And I kind of miss it.
So, I've been asking Andy for a bike for over a year, and finally, a couple of weeks ago, I got a bike! My friend Tran gave it to me and I love it. It's red and has a lot of gears that I don't know how to use, but I rode it tonight. I'm a little wobbly, but that didn't stop me from going as fast as I could go or picking up a injured box turtle to carry home on the way. While carrying the box turtle, who was continuously scratching me with his left hind leg, a German shepherd chased me until his owner (thank God!) called him back -- and I still kept my balance. woohoo! I make the rocking world go 'round that's for sure.
Anyway, back to the point, there's something very calming about riding your bike in the summer at dusk. The lightening bugs, the people on their porches, the smell of cut grass, the heavy humid air, and the wind in your ears, is all wondrous and lovely. And it makes me happy.

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doris37 said...

Emily have you ever thought about going into the writing field. You do great on your blogs. I bet you could write a book. I love reading your blogs.

Pop and I went down to see Maxwell on Sat and got to keep him at our house on Sat nite when Kimmi and Brandy came up to go to the show.

It was great.

Do you have a new Job???