Sunday, March 22, 2009

all mixed up

This is not what I was thinking of talking about -- but it just popped in my head when I wrote the title.
I really like phrasal verbs. If you don't know what those are, they are these slang-like terms we use all the time where you have a verb followed by word that looks like a preposition but acts like an adverb, and therefore can't be separated from the verb (because adverbs modify, or give you more information about, verbs (and other things)). So to give you some examples: mixed up, put up, show up, run into, run away, turn on, and flip off. Do you see how these combos can have different meanings if used in a different way?
Bob ran up the hill. In this sentence Bob physically ran up, so it is a verb followed by a prepositional phrase.
Bob ran up the bill. In this sentence Bob isn't physically running up the bill, he is instead, making too many purchases! So this is a verb/adverb combo, which is called, by grammarians, a phrasal verb.
And I like the nouns that are essentially phrasal verbs, like, "throw up."

Okay. What I was planning on writing about were my mixed emotions about going back to school in about fourteen hours. I am glad that I don't despise my job, because I have despised jobs in the past and in one case cried when I went to work, and in another had to sing "If we make it to December" by Merle Haggard just to get me through (because I was quitting to move to Oklahoma in December).

But I don't want to go back. I've used my spring break to catch up on sleep and I'm still so tired and I become weary when I think of all the things I need to get done in eight very short weeks. I actually like my job and my students, and sometimes I even enjoy teaching (that's the rare and wonderful occasion that a sixteen year old gives a crap about learning). But I wish I could stay at home, make dinner every night as I have been and not be in a rush, not be worn out from putting up with kids who hate school, and simply prepare for the move and for Nathan's arrival.

I have organized and prepared his room as much as I can with what I have -- even though it will only be his room for a month (or less depending when he comes), I wanted to make it as much of a nursery as I could. I put all the adorable things my mom made for him (just wait until I post pictures of these things) in there and I set his books and diapers nicely on a bookshelf. And I put his stuffed animals and toys in a big basket my sister-in-law gave me. And I organized all the clothes I have by size and season, put them in zip lock bags, and labeled them for easy access (and so I felt like I was doing something).

Wow, I finally ran out of things to say. Or my brain went blank again.

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