Saturday, March 07, 2009

do not dispose

I'm getting psyched about non-disposable diapers. Mainly because I found out that a woman I really like has experience with cloth diapers and is very encouraging and helpful. Too bad I'm moving so I won't get to know her better.
Yes, we're moving. To Columbia, Missouri in June when our lease is up. Which is why I hope Nathan comes sooner rather than later (as long as he's ready and healthy though) so I'll have more than a couple weeks to recoup and to say bye to my Okie friends.
Then, once again, we'll be poor. We haven't been poor for two years now and I'm afraid I'm spoiled. We do use a budget, but we're not as rigorous as we should be because we know we always have our savings. But after August... there is no back-up, so I'm trying to get serious now about sticking to that budget (that I begged for for years... what was I thinking?). It is becoming more difficult to stay within the grocery budget and Andy increased the amount when I first noticed that groceries were getting more expensive. The only thing lately that I've seen drop is Blue Bell ice-cream, and I was happy for that, but I'd rather have cheaper milk and eggs please. AND FRUIT! Why is fruit so much? I could get tons of junk food for the amount of pseudo-healthy food I try to get for me and Andy. I say pseudo-healthy because I still have to force myself most of the time to eat most veggies. Well, it is late and Andy is ready to go (we were sorting bugs for his master's project) so I'll finish this tomorrow.

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