Tuesday, March 31, 2009

seven weeks and counting

YAY! Because I'm starting to feel like a whale. I just had the best haircut of my life and the stylist was this tall waif-like beauty and she made me feel even more huge. Then, I had to get a new license (because my preggo brain made me lose mine) and, of course, take a new picture and I realized how much my face has swelled. Probably no one else would notice, but I do. I can't wait to have Nathan out and to start breastfeeding to shed these extra pounds. Seriously, I feel like crying or stamping my feet in a full scale temper tantrum.

The good news is that Dr. Karns told me that he thinks Nathan may have turned, which means he may not be breeched any longer. If the doc thinks he turned back, or if he still isn't positive, he said I'll have an ultrasound in four weeks (yay getting to see Nathan again, boo $$) to make sure. If he is breech, they'll turn him. I really don't want that to happen, because apparently it hurts A LOT. But I'm hopeful that the boy has done yet another somersault. I can't wait to wrestle with my little man... or at least hold him.

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