Thursday, November 09, 2006

not too shabby

I'm still fatigued. I had a hard time getting out of bed today even though I was fully awake. I finally found the will power at 7:45 and began making a cake for one of my coworkers. This one is good -- it's a pineapple white chocolate upside down cake. I had forgotten how much I love baking! I can't start back up yet though, because I know I'll be doing a lot of that for the holiday season and because I think I've gained the weight back that I lost. I'm not sure b/c our scale is packed, but I don't feel the same. I stopped working out while we were moving and I only started back last week by walking with a few ladies at church. For some reason I'm loath to go to the gym after such a long absence, but I suppose I'll force myself tonight. I don't know why I'm so self-conscious there.
Andy and I are going to eat at the Hendren's on Friday, which is very exciting because they are neat people and Dottie is an excellent cook. Much much better than I am, but then she has thirty or so years on me.
I can't believe that Lady in the Water is still not out on video. I'm really anxious about it. It's like waiting for the next installment in your favorite series -- book or TV show. I can't stand the waiting.
Check out the new recipe. It's a good one, in fact, we're having it tonight.

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