Wednesday, November 22, 2006


We're going to Tulsa for Thanksgiving this year and (yay!) I was asked to bring a dish or two. I decided on a fudge chocolate cake (b/c I don't like pumpkin pie and my sister-in-law won't eat any type of pie) and the sweet potato casserole (b/c Andy and I love it and I refuse to let people destroy it by using canned yams).

Well, I decided to make the cake today in order to save time. The cake layers rose to a lovely high level and the icing is deliciously chocolaty and rich without being very sweet. Then, to my despair, I dropped the top layer of the cake, which squashed the air out of the layer and make half of the layer break off. I decided not to panic; I've patched cakes with icing before, but when I went to pick the layer up one of the halves broke into pieces (which I was in a way proud of because the crumb was perfect and the layer soft and fudgey as it should've been). So I'm taking a much less impressive cake to the festivities, and I realized that the kids probably won't like it because it isn't overly sweet. Then I decided not to worry about it, because at least I will enjoy it tomorrow. I'm sure my casserole will be the hit anyway. My in-laws are freaks about pumpkin pie and probably wouldn't notice the delicacy and the perfection of flavors of my cake.

The hit of the holiday, though, is the turkey. I love to eat deep fried turkey -- it's the best way to go. But, if I have to have it made another way I happily eat it with the congealed type of cranberry sauce. This does have a point: I saw a white turkey the other day in someone's yard and Andy told me that it was a domesticated turkey -- the kind farmers raise for us to eat. I didn't know that they looked so different, so I decided to post pics of the wild and domesticated turkeys for your viewing pleasure. Have a great holiday and remember to be thankful! My next post will tell you for what I'm most thankful.

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