Friday, November 10, 2006

today's tidbit

I was officially told that I passed my examinations. woohoo!

I've been having many more conversations with my younger sister Audrey lately than I have had since we graduated high school. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I'm thankful for it. One neat thing about being an adult is being friends with your adult siblings. It's a more conscious and thoughtful relationship than when you just act and react with each other as people tend to do when they are children.

Speaking of the word children, did you know that it is pluralized twice? In Old English the plural for child is childre and in Middle English the plural (in the Southern dialect) was made by adding an "n." Interesting, huh?

I'm having a hoot packing my things in my office. I can't wait to leave this job! And I'm looking forward to playing with Barbies with the Hendren's granddaughter, Grace. She's an interesting young lady (she's 10, I think) -- I really like her so I'll tell you how that goes.

Which reminds me that I'd like to apologize to Audrey for always taking the prettier Barbies and for always making my Hot Looks Doll be the lead singer in the band. That wasn't fair, Audi, and I'm sorry for controlling you like that when we were kids. Thank you for being my favorite playmate. You still are, you know.

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