Thursday, January 11, 2007

don't call it a comeback

I haven't had access to the Internet in so long... We're settled in Stillwater now and I'm really enjoying our little house. Daphne loves having a yard to run around in and Andy seems to be enjoying his new school and job -- he's nervous, but he should be. Graduate school is a kick in the pants or a pat on the head that means "it's okay, you can't be the smartest, you know" or "well aren't you cute trying to be a scholar."

As much as I'm enjoying my home I'd like to be out of it a bit. I haven't found a job so I can't leave the house or I'll spend money that I don't have because, as I said, I'm unemployed. I've sent my resume to ten or so places and I'm overqualified for most of those positions, so I don't know why people haven't called me back. It's difficult for me to be patient.

I'll ask Andy to post some pics of our new place and perhaps we can post some of our videos. He got a camcorder for Christmas and we've made a few birding videos that I know you'll be waiting on the edge of your seat to see.

I hope everyone is doing well. Please let me know.

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Justin said...

I'm quite familiar with the "aren't you cute trying to be a scholar" feeling. Grad school brings a bit of humility for sure, but Andy will be fine.

By the way, it is pretty easy to post videos on youtube and then embed them in your post.