Wednesday, January 17, 2007

so sitting at home isn't what it's cracked up to be...

Now, keep in mind that I would love to sit at home if I didn't have to work. But, since I do have to work, not working and not having a job is making me anxious. I'm still not getting calls for jobs that I'm over qualified for and today I've found one that I could do, but the database wouldn't take my application because I couldn't lie and say that English is related to a business degree, even though all of my job experience has been business related. So I'm going to have to find this department in the ice and snow (I've already fallen hard on my butt b/c of the ice once today) and I'm wearing jeans. But the opening closes tomorrow and I refuse to go there the last day -- so I'm going. The only jobs that are reviewing my application (and the only jobs I'm not over qualified for) are in Oklahoma City, or in other words, too far away. I would consider taking them anyway b/c I really want to be an adjunct in English, but Andy doesn't want me to drive that much (understandably).

The good news is that I'm reading A LOT. Finally I'm getting to read Jonathan Safran Foer's books and I'm reading more and more Irving and Walter Mosely. They are all good. Mosely isn't really my type of writer, but he's so good at that writer/reader relationship (dropping hints here and there so that when you read the next chapter you think "ooohhh") and he keeps you interested. I did read "A Widow for One Year" like I said I would and I underlined a quote for you, but I forgot the book at home, so another time. The book was interesting and very good in certain ways (complex family relationships and a lot of round characters) but it's a little too R-rated for most of the readers I know. I also read the new Diana Wynne Jones book (excellent!) and the new book in the Tiffany Aching series, titled "Wintersmith." If you know any girls from 11-16, give them these books; they have my highest recommendation.

We were iced-in for the weekend. It's apparently our last night of single digit temperatures, so that's good. I hope everyone is safe and doing well.

That's all for today, I think.

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