Tuesday, January 23, 2007

still sitting

Here's the quote from "A Widow for One Year" that I said I would post: "'I can't see where I'm going, Daddy,' Ruth told him again. 'But that's the test, Ruthie. The test is, sometimes there's no place to pull over--sometimes you can't stop, and you have to find a way to keep going. You got it?'"

Well, I still don't have a job, but I've decided to pursue a few little craft things around our home so at least I'll be occupied. I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety about what God is going to provide this time and when He's going to do it. I didn't like my last job, as you know, but it was what Andy and I needed at the time. I hope what we need now isn't another job like that. We're going to visit a local church this Sunday so I hope we'll fit in there.

I accidentally dyed my hair almost-black. Andy was a little frightened, but it has lightened up a bit and it looks pretty good.

My sister and her boyfriend visited us this weekend and I couldn't sleep because of the excitement of being around another human being! It was funny and pathetic. We played Balderdash a lot. I can't believe we found a couple who will play that game with us (all other attempts have failed). Also, my grandparents drive cars for dealerships and they took one to Oklahoma City so I drove there and met them for lunch -- it was a blast. It makes me a little sad because I spent so much time with them in my most difficult years and I know I need them so much still. I miss them and I'm grateful for that bit of happiness in my day. Oh, I also went to Super Target. Woah!

Weird: People are allowed to talk loudly and eat and drink in the OSU library. It's freaking and grossing me out. How's that for a double split phrasal verb? Seriously, there's a guy next to me loudly enjoying his pastry. Over the keyboard. Crumbs are falling from his mouth. Ew.

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