Thursday, September 07, 2006

Facade free - I hope

I'm sorry my few faithful readers, if I haven't been blogging enough. I haven't had anything funny or interesting to say lately. The only thing I've thought of today is how much I dislike my job, and that will get old to read about - and I can't tell you the funniest things about my job. At least, not here. . . I'll tell you in person. My long lost friend Justin recommends The Office. I've seen the BBC version and I hope to watch the US one as well because I know I can relate. Everyone who works at the museum is very different from everyone else who works at the museum. Out of my coworkers, my friend Faith knows me the best. She understands that when my face seems to frown it is only because that is how my face looks when I'm at work. Today I replied to something she said, which prompted her to reply, "Okay -- Oh, Voice of Reason." That's hilarious. Very hilarious. One other coworker constantly asks me if I'm alright. YES, I'M FINE. He means well; he's a very conscientious soul.

I'm sorry people but I just can't hide my emotions. I had a high compliment from a recently acquired friend - a thirty-something radio DJ named Jason. We're very different from each other, but he told me that he liked me anyway because he thinks I'm genuine. That's the best compliment! Out of all the things I would want a person to say - that's top on the list. (The list is completely different for you Andy - so don't worry.) I don't make a lot of friends, but I realized last night that many of the students (who have been in classes with me for three years and haven't initiated conversation to me until this point) actually like me. How can this be? Especially when I've met so many who obviously dislike me - like the raspberry woman and some of my professors. Well, at least I know they didn't like me for me b/c I don't allow them to be mistaken about who I am or what I think. Because I'm genuine and I'm a genuine loud-mouth.

Apparently my video store now has Lost, but I can't rent it yet because they have to get the art work ready. They just lost my business today - I can't wait any longer! Just knowing I'm that much closer to watching it drives me crazy so I'm going to Hastings to rent it. yipee!

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