Tuesday, October 24, 2006

funny and feckless

After I posted my last blog I went home and became angry at something Andy did or said. I can't remember what it was. But, that is funny to me. C'est la vie, right?

I haven't decided if I prefer to live in the country or the city. The country is peaceful and more beautiful, but the city is closer to everything and I can walk Daphne (b/c there are sidewalks!), which is wonderful even if I have to see domestic disputes and trash thrown in the streets.

I'm feeling a sort of vague discomfort because of our future move. I feel anxiety whenever there is a big decision needing to be made. Andy tries to tell me to not worry about it, but I always feel this way when we have a big decision. I don't know when I started this or if I've always been this way. It is so extreme that I almost prefer a not-so-great decision over no decision, which I guess makes me hasty. Perhaps I'm only hasty compared to Andy; I'm not sure.

I can't take pics of my hair as a few of you have asked b/c we packed our camera. And the curls aren't as tight as they were. It still looks better than my previous flat lanky hair, but it isn't as cute as it was.

Our graduation will be Dec 16 (Mema's birthday and the first day of Hanukkah -- bound to be a good day) at 10 a.m. Family please don't feel like you have to give me anything for this graduation, you were so generous last year and I'm not expecting gifts. As I mentioned before our camera is packed, so if you come please bring yours. And I'd like to know if any of my family members are thinking of coming, because you know Andy's crew will be here and that's a lot of people, so I'd like to try to spread things out a little (so the two of us introverts aren't overwhelmed.)

But of course I won't know if I'm actually graduating until I pass my comprehensive exam in ten days...EEK!

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