Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yes, I am sleepy again.
Very sleepy.

Well, we're finally almost out of the Wilkin's home. We've packed up the majority of our stuff (and it's a lot of stuff) and we're staying with a very nice couple, the Gordons, tonight and the following nights until next Wednesday when we move into the Manry's home to mooch off of them for awhile. I had to rip up my tomato plants and leave behind my herbs because I didn't have time to re-pot them. Leaving the house was sad too, but I'm so tired that it's a below-the-surface kind of sad. Everything will be better with a good deep sleep.

Funny quote: "Instead of putting a quarter under a kid's pillow, how about a pinecone? That way, he learns that wishing isn't going to save our national forests."


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