Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'm a realist. I like to be blunt and I like it when people are blunt. I don't mean rude or unkind but straightforward and honest. One of the many reasons I was (and still am) so attracted to Andy is because he is very honest and he doesn't tell me things just to make me feel better (even though I've wanted him to at times.)

So I've been surfing on where one may locate old friends or classmates. I've contacted several and several have contacted me. Few reunions make me happy because I've noticed a trend in people my age. Most seem only to be concerned with being the sexiest (the women do this) or the coolest (the men do this) or the most fun-loving (all do this.) I know if they were to meet me in person today they would find me dull and probably snobbish. In fact, from conversing on myspace most are bored with me already. I'm not telling you this because I'm upset about not being cool. I'm upset because I feel sorry for the people who are killing their bodies and their souls. I'm telling you all now that you can't live fast and live well for long. Your health will most likely catch up to you. And I'm telling all the women something that my old pastor Jason told me: There will always be somebody prettier, smarter and better than you. In other words, it is worthless to try to be the top and it is better to just be satisfied with who you are and how you were made. And I don't understand women (not teenagers, but women) who want to be the sexiest. I only want to be sexy to my husband and I have no desire to entice any other man. For the sake of my younger readers I won't go further into this. I'm just sad for mankind. And if you're reading this and thinking that I'm self-righteous I assure you I am not. I have ugly parts just like everyone else. And I blog about them from time to time.


Mary said...

I just have to reply to the "being sexy" part. Just to let you know, I've never once thought I'd try to be the sexiest person on myspace. :) But I do agree with your blog. I look at people that I know or their friends, and sometimes it's just depressing. It's not always the being sexy, cool, or fun part, but I'm just saddened by the vulgarity of so much of it. Anyway, it sounds like things are going well for you. Good luck with the move and Andy's new school and such. :)

Katie said...

The thing that I find humorous about people's myspace pages are their descriptions of themselves and their lives. For example, I've seen some that state how happily married they are to the greatest guy in the world and they are a stay at home mom and loving every minute of it. That sounds oh so perfect and nice, but it isn't reality. They are not telling you about how hard their perfect marriage can be sometimes or how exhausted they are being a stay at home mom. They may be happy and they may love their life, but don't tell us how perfect it is, because no body's life is perfect. It makes me gag to read that crap.

heh - I sound like such a snob. lol

tranthegirl said...

I'm glad that a realist like you and a daydreamer like me can be friends.