Tuesday, October 17, 2006

just super

Did you know that I really like superhero movies, especially the new ones being remade by DC Comics? "Batman Returns" was the best remade film, but Superman is my favorite superhero.
Reasons why Superman is the best superhero:
1. Unlike all the other major superheroes, he's an alien.
2. His story (his father sending his only son to help the human race) mimics the Christ story.
3. He has a mythological past that keeps the story interesting. Both Batman and Spiderman only have their namesake creatures, an aged relative, and more and more introduced enemies to keep their stories interesting.
4. He was the first superhero created.
5. Clark Kent is apparently fashioned after Atticus Finch.
6. Superman is a cool guy who's alter ego is a dork. Spiderman is a dork who's alter ego is a cool guy.

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