Thursday, October 26, 2006

personality problems

I had everyone at work take the standard personality test (mbti, jung, meyers-brigg) and I had some funny but predictable results.
The person who gets on my nerves happens to be my "contrast."
My favorite coworker, but one who I feel protective over is my "pedagogue" and another coworker that I work well with is my "pal."
Andy turned out to be my "companion."
If you decide to take the test (the first link) you may read the personality profiles and the relationship pairs and definitions. It's fun and interesting.
I knew Audrey and I would be similar, but it turns out we have exactly the same profile, ISTJ. There are different levels for each personality trait that is signified by a letter. Therefore, even though Audrey and I have the same profile, we both have different levels of each trait.
a different description page:


Katie - your blog stalker said...

what do you know? I'm ISTJ as well. hummm

EmilyAnne said...

from what I remember about you I would think that it's probably accurate

katie said... remember correctly!