Friday, August 11, 2006

Actually Arnold, it is a tumor.

Once again Andy and I have confirmation that something is defective in Daphne.
The growth on her cute face is a tumor, but it's a button tumor (histiocytoma) instead of the MCT I was worried about which means that it's benign and probably won't cause her much pain. The vet thinks it'll decrease on it's own, but if it doesn't they'll have to remove it.
She and I took a really long nap together today. (She sleeps on the floor next to me)
It's great to finally be out of summer school. I don't want to start the fall semester, but at least it's probably my last semester in school ever. EVER. probably... that's scary.

Apparently Andy is now down to three schools (don't get your hopes up peeps, I'm not, b/c it can all change). They are OSU, OU, and Texas Tech. I'm going to go home to eat some chili and a homegrown watermelon. Have a great weekend everyone. Next week is my "study for the master's exam" vacation so I won't post as frequently.


tranthegirl said...

I'm "kinda fun to be around." you guess?!? Okay, sounds like a challenge to me.... Next time, I'll bring on the fun times and getcha rollin' in laughter. I must begin saving up all sorts of ideas.... {picture me like Pooh Bear tapping his temple w/ a paw, saying 'think, think, think'}

EmilyAnne said...

That's a very cute image. That quote is an example of emily-type sarcasm; it's not necessarily funny, but it's what you'll get.