Thursday, August 31, 2006

that's the kicker.

I had a wonderful morning. It’s cool at our house because the north wind breezes through our windows and I actually had to sit with a blanket this morning. I love that! I had a cup of coffee, a blanket and Daphne. Normally I also have a book, but I was too weary of reading for that. I never would have thought that I would get sick of reading. Well, I guess it isn’t really sick of reading – if Diana Wynne Jones published a new novel I wouldn’t stop reading it. I’ve almost had it with Victorian novels and collections of critical essays. My History of the English Language book is very interesting though. I’ll probably bore you to death with information (that I think is neat!) that I learn from it.

In fact, if you would, please comment on this blog and tell me what your favorite current kick is. I can probably guess some: Mom’s is quilting, Audi’s is budgeting, Dad’s is architecture of various sorts, Andy’s is a tug-of-war between fauna and music, Melanie’s and Coach Duke’s are deals of any sort – especially garage sales. . . but if I’m wrong please correct me. I love to be corrected because I may in turn correct you. Ha. And I love to know new things about people. (I wrote directions on how to comment on an earlier blog... I know you can figure it out.)

Well it seems that our lovely free home is going to be sold. We were hoping it would happen because it will benefit our benefactors (the Wilkins) but I'm sad to be leaving. I love where we live! And it isn't coming at the best of times, since this semester is going to be difficult for me and Andy is occupied with figuring out our future plans. Ah well, it has been an incredible blessing.


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Katie said...

You are amazing! You realize I will be stocking you via your blog from now on! Something about the way you write makes me feel like I'm reading my favorite book.
Love it!