Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beautiful day

It's strange how greatly my mood is affected by the weather. Last night was our first cool night so we happily opened the windows and slept soundly.

I found out that someone else had bought my "I love Matt" book and that student took it back, so I'm going to take it back. I opened it to read my chapter and Marybeth, the previous owner, had sporadically highlighted all through the book in bright blue and green. She highlighted so much that I can tell that she had no conscious thought as she was highlighting -- she was just scribbling across the page out of boredom. Some pages are completely blue. I'm sure she didn't learn a thing. The professor encouraged us to take notes while we read and I held up my textbook as an example of how to highlight. Needless to say, I got a lot of laughs.

Although today is going to be long, I see enormous potential. I've already worked out, I remembered to put on deodorant, I packed my lunch and my boss hasn't spoken to me yet. It's a nice morning.

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