Tuesday, August 01, 2006

forgetful me

So I left my keys in my Pa's car.

So I didn't realize it until I was leaving for church the next day. (Andy had already left)

So I braved the Chevette.

It was terrifying. I stalled probably seven times trying to get onto Hwy7, then I had people pass me eventhough I was going 55 (as fast as I dare go in that little car). It was burning hot and there is no AC and I actually try to look nice for church - the Chevette wouldn't let me.
Then I came up to a red traffic light that is on an incline so I panicked and turned on another road to turn around and wait for the light to turn green before I dared the hill.
Little did I notice that I had only put myself on another hill. It took me at least ten times to get up that and I had to wait until there were no cars coming and the light was green before I could disregard the stop sign and swerve onto the road.
I prayed non stop that I wouldn't encounter another red light. I didn't. I thanked God.

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