Tuesday, August 22, 2006


That's what I feel like today. Except, lackeys are supposed to be male, but who actually knows that unless they check their definitions?

I had a stare down with a lady today. It was the wierdest thing. I'm not sure why we were having a stare down, but I felt the general aggression and frustration. I must be an extremely frustrating person. Sorry people.

My "vacation" went by like a flash! I spent one day reading "Eats, shoots & leaves" my friend Kay Manry lent me. It was hilarious and I highly recommend it. I, however, do not agree with the author that the internet should be proper. The whole fun of these blogs is that complete idiots (and moderate idiots like me) can be authors! We can write, spell and punctuate however we please. But, of course, the whole point of writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar is communication. And you can't communicate if people don't know what you're saying.

So - I could talk to Audrey about ice and Mom would think we were talking about frozen water when in fact we could be talking about expensive hubcaps, diamonds, or methamphetamines.
Ex. "I gotta keep my boo iced." = "If I want to keep my girlfriend, I have to give her expensive things -- like diamonds."

What I'm trying to say: While writing on the internet gives us A LOT of freedom and A LOT of potential readers, if you don't punctuate or spell properly (or use common definitions for things!) than people aren't going to understand what you're trying to write, so what then, would be the point? The point would be to limit your audience.

I hope I've a wide range of readers - from my preteen sister-in-law to my seventy-something Mema. And I'm not writing this as an online journal. I keep a journal at home where none of you can read. I'm writing this so that friends and family can be a little closer to Andy and me. So that you, if you want, can know what we're doing and know what we're like on a day-to-day basis. I hope you feel lucky.


tranthegirl said...

I gotta keep my boo iced.... Whoa, have you been taking lessons from www.urbandictionary.com like me! :)

we are indeed lucky to have a daily peek into lives Chez Georges.
Mmm hmmm mmm

EmilyAnne said...

yes, I love that site. I use dictionary.com even more frequently.