Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this day requires two blogs

It’s time for you to see yet another level of my snobbishness.
I peeked into one of my Rhetoric textbooks to find large bubbly graffiti written with a black pen and blue highlighter. “Marybeth loves Matt” is written on the outside of the pages. “Marybeth St. John + Matt,” “I love MATT!!!,” Joe’s cell phone number, and a grocery list that includes magazines, salad, and flip-flops – are found within the pages of my textbook. I can’t help but think how Marybeth got her hands on a graduate level rhetoric book. Well, I could keep from thinking these things, probably, but I don’t stop myself. I also wonder how long this girl with the obtrusive handwriting stayed in school. I hope she married Matt, had his babies, and bought new flip-flops.

Recently Andy and I discussed writing in books. I write in books; he does not. Apparently, texts are sacred to Andy. I enjoy making notes. IN PENCIL! If I didn’t make notes, I wouldn’t write insightful papers because I can’t remember what I thought from one page to the next. Those notes are there for me the next time I read waiting for me to make new connections from my old ones. This habit is helpful and makes sense. A grocery list in a textbook is a desecration! This book cost me at least thirty bucks and I plan on keeping it for reference. Marybeth, who wrote “Marybeth’s” and “Mary B’s” on the cover didn’t keep it so why was she so obsessed with marking her territory? I nicely write my name on the top right corner of the first page. If you are like Marybeth, please do not tell me because I won’t be able to love you completely. I probably couldn’t even look you in the face. That’s how far my snobbishness goes.

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