Thursday, August 10, 2006

sugar high = myriad of topics

Hello. I'm having a great day and I thought I'd share it with you since you're so often subject to my crumbly grumbly moods.

I just had a doughnut. yum! beats carrots, but I have only one cheat left... (Oprah's bootcamp, you know) so I thought I'd save it for when I'm in Dallas. (HintHintFamily)
The school gym is closing for two weeks so I hope I can keep up my pace on Pilates videos and loops around the track. I bet if I cried in front of a local gym they'd let me in. I could tell them that I just ate a doughnut and those buff girls will gasp, take my hand, and lead me to the elliptical, while drying my eyes with their little white towels. I wonder why everyone carries those little towels around patting their little faces. I wear my sweat like a badge - I'm proud of it because it says, hey, look what I did!

Andy and I have only one more disc of Season One of LOST left... Walt was just kidnapped - I should've known that the Others meant him! (Hurley, Walt, and Sun are my favorites.) I can't wait to see the finale and then season two. I think I'll have to wait until the entire season three comes out before I can watch it because I can't take the suspense. But then, it would be fun to talk to others about them as they come out... and Audi offered to tape them for me... so we'll see. Justin, I still plan on checking out 24 but I don't know when yet. That may be next semester.

I made a new friend at school, a happy high school teacher named Jason who offered to get me his friend's notes for the Master's Exam. I can't wait to get my hands on those puppies.

Speaking of puppies, I saw a boxer in the road today. A beautiful flashy fawn male with clipped ears. If I hadn't had a cheescake in the back (for my classmates) I would've picked him up. Andy saw one yesterday on his way home that he passed by too. It's hard to know if they are petsb/c they don't usually have collars and since we're still at the Wilkin's home it's not like we could keep another dog... but I bet I could find it a good home and give it some love.

Aldo, the much anticipated future playmate for Daphne, will join our little family sometime after we move. Shopping for a pup is difficult because you see so many and you have to check out their temperaments and health before you carry them away and yet you want to take all of them because they are so cute. I'm hoping for a more assertive dog than Daphne, and we also have to live somewhere where they offer pup training classes b/c I bet more assertive dogs are harder to train. Daphne was a breeze. She still won't calm down around new places, new people, or other dogs, but otherwise she's a great dog. ha. No REALLY she is a good dog. Perhaps I'll put her in classes too.

I'm actually getting excited about teaching. My report on The House of the Scorpion went well today and I was so hyped up about it that I knew I would be able to energize my students. I wonder if I'll get a job. I hoping that a job will be waiting for me in January. If not then hopefully I can offer my services as a tutor for somebody.

Andy is a little bummed lately, he's afraid of the GRE and is playing the worst-case-senario game in his head again. If you pray, please do so for Andy that he'd be encouraged.
Daphne has a growth on her face (gross!) so I'm taking her to the vet today. I'm hoping it's not a tumor b/c Boxers are the breed with the highest mass cell tumor rate. But then, she's pretty young to develop one and only four percent of MCTs develop on the face and neck.

What a strange grouping of topics! Have a good weekend eh-ver-body.

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